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Rent is a love story to New York City set in the late 1980s and the early 1990's in Alphabet city during the AIDS/HIV epidemic. Following a group of friends, they lean into their community that they have built together when life throws challenges such as drug addiction, relationship fallouts, and death. The group of artists are resilient as they traverse their daily lives by leaning on each other and choosing to love and support each other.

Having a director and choreographer that lived in the city during this time period, it was important that we honored these lives and the story through our design choices and portrayals on stage. Although this story has heartbreaking moments, it is also fun, exciting, and full of life. It was important that we showed all parts of life, from the homeless, to squatters, and to those who were slightly better off.

Directed by: Cynthia Henderson

Choreographed by: Daniel Gwirtzman

Music Directed by: Christopher Zemliauskas

Scenic Design: Olivya DeLuca 

Props Designer: Thomas Jenkeleit

Lighting Design: Kyle Stamm

Costume Design: Nicole Brooks

Sound Design: Emma Taylor

PSM: Dani Berman 

Production* Photos

Ithaca College 2021


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