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Fun Home

Fun Home is a story about finding one’s truth and layers of a person, as well as reminiscing on how a person’s childhood can influence who they are when they grow up. Alison Bechdel and her family live in a museum, where everything is on display, including themselves. Trying to navigate a life that is dictated by her father, Alison recounts what evidence she has of him to understand the man he was, and how she is or isn’t like him. The set helps contain the story in the family home. There are aspects that provide a slightly unsettling factor: as if you're seeing the home from a child’s perspective. The wallpaper scale is not entirely right, and the ceiling is higher than you would imagine. Just like her childhood, there were signs, but you don’t really notice them because that’s the world you're given. The beginning of the show is especially powerful as you see Alison standing in a barren house, the structure the only thing left from her childhood. You are suddenly swept into her past as furniture appears from the ground and a certain hazy, and aged lighting overtakes the space.

Advanced Scenic Design "Paper" Project at Ithaca College

Directed by: Portia Krieger

Scenic Design: Olivya DeLuca

Lighting Design: Max Okst


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